My wellness philosophy adds a few bubbles and a lot of Joie De Vivre – June 22

The reason I feel so passionate to share the tips and lifestyle I have lived, particularly over the last five years is a real desire to reach more people to unlock their potential to know aging does not mean degenerating. I have gathered a wealth of knowledge over my decades of involvement in the health and fitness industry and these golden nuggets I have acquired through education in various modalities of fitness, and putting in to practice in group training and private personal training. The experimentation and learning about nutrition and ultimately the soulful journey of feeding myself from Spiritual water, a tapping into Creator and the Divine where the ultimate Power for us all exists.

To be able to share my passion and knowledge in our beautiful Singita Wellness space in Barbados as well as our Online Club is really a huge honour and ultimately a dream come true!

At almost 59 years old (next month) to feel the healthiest and most energetic I have ever felt in my life is something I never thought I would be able to attest to. This is so exciting for me to acknowledge and I feel privileged to be able to live this life with such vigour and joyful anticipation of what my future holds, mentally, spiritually and emotionally!

The most liberating thing we can do for ourselves is get rid of excess baggage emotionally. Work on releasing and giving up on those toxic relationships or behaviours, and believe me I know this is no easy task but making the commitment to finding your way back to yourself is truly life changing. Reconnect to your core values, reconnect to your body, your emotions, find your path back to loving yourself, become acquainted with your true self. Be courageous and committed to this path of self discovery and seek help where you may need this, conventional therapy or spiritual or energy coaching and guidance. The power of Prayer and Meditation should never be underestimated. This was a cataclysmic metamorphosis for me, once I could finally claim my life back. I had lived my life for so many years plugging into the demands and lives of others, the once upon a time people pleaser, I am proud to say, can no longer be used to describe me. I own my hopes, my dreams, my vision and surround myself with the people who inspire me and especially those who authentically believe in me. This has been the healthiest choice I have ever made for myself. It literally took years off my life and pounds off my body.

First and foremost, please find the time to move everyday, whether its sport, running, yoga, Pilates or gym workouts. The golden key for me that really unlocked and peaked my physicality is, in my opinion, to really mix things up. Do not choose running on the treadmill for the same 30 minutes three times a week. Please do not only choose Yoga, it is a great stretch and has many other health benefits but when it comes to bone health, we need resistance training. The fundamental components of fitness should never be ignored, Cardiovascular, strength and flexibility all should be part of our fitness program. Our body is so amazing at adapting, choose a variety of classes, a variety of activities. Shock your body, challenge yourself and have fun doing it. This is the reason we have so much variety on our fitness class schedule at Singita Wellness. I would love to share with so many of you the inspiring, fun and motivating way we can all move!!

Please do not calorie count or find the latest fad diet or the next quick fix. We all know we should be consuming copious amounts of pure water, eat your vegetables and fruit as unprocessed and organic as possible and add clean healthy choices of protein. Add those healthy fats, avocadoes, olive oil, oily fish even a bit of butter where necessary. I don’t believe in starving, fasting or depriving our bodies. Keep them fuelled with lots of good stuff!!!
Do your best to mindful and intuitive about your needs. Your body is wise, your body is your true life partner. Become familiar with how it feels to nurture, nourish and fuel yourself. Be kind, be patient and love yourself. Observe how you feel after each meal. Satiated and light, or heavy and bloated? You know your body best. Trust that, not what some other media marketing campaign has made millions of dollars feeding you with their new product.

Always remember:

Copious amounts of pure water
Tons of organic (where possible) fruit and vegetables
Healthy grains, quiona, brown rice, amaranth
Lean organic protein sources, lots of fresh fish
Good fats and oils
Lots of sunshine, don’t forget your sunscreen

Which means all move to Barbados, or spend as much time with me here at Singita Wellness as possible, for your haven of health and wellness!

Most people who know me well know my love of wine, especially rose and sparkling bubbles. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Balance is key and if we cannot have a sense of joie de vivre in this lifetime, well what is it all worth anyway! Celebrate the moments, celebrate this life, celebrate you!

Your superpower is YOU, believe in that, stay on the road to self discovery, of heightened awareness, of disciplined healthy choices but don’t forget to throw some reckless abandonment in for good measure.