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We are so pleased to offer studio and live streamed Zoom classes via our Online Club program.
Please note, all classes are available in studio and via Zoom unless otherwise stated.
AST (UK times).

September / October 2023

8.15am Pilates with Fiona (Studio only)
9.30am (1.30pm)  Ballet Barre with Michelle

8.30am (1.30pm) Body Sculpt with Michelle
9.30am (2.30pm) Yoga with Michelle

8.30am (1.30pm) HIIT with Michelle
9.30am (2.30pm) Ballet Barre with Fiona

8.30am (1.30pm) Core & Stretch with Michelle

8.15am (1.15pm) Pilates with Fiona
9.30am (2.30pm) Cardio Dance & Sculpt with Michelle/Fiona

8.30am  (1.30pm) Ballet Barre with Michelle
9.30am  (2.30pm)Pilates with Fiona
10.30am Yoga with Jo (studio only)

Times in brackets are UK times for Zoom attendees.

Hope you can join us.
Michelle x

Times in () are UK times for online classes.

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