Summer Lovin’ – extract from Newsletter July 22

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast, Summer Lovin’ happened so fast. Isn’t it amazing how the wondrous fun times of our lives do pass us by like a whirlwind and the struggles feel like we are watching paint dry as we work our way through the tougher time?

Time is a linear illusion, a sequence of existence of an order of events we have used to create own sense of order, structure and control over the expectations and outcome of life.

Imagine if we could live and let live with the sweet abandonment of life as a child in the Summer. The joyful abundance of life’s beauty and all life’s treasures available to us with little effort or struggle, simply a carefree and miraculous glorious knowing that everything is as fulfilling and uplifting as it can be. Our very gift from God, the gifts of the Universe are filled with Divine possibilities. We just need to believe again, breathe again, open our hearts and minds to the magnitude of infinite possibilities and unconditional love. The bliss of innocence and star studded dreams which ultimately is our truth and birthright.

But let’s get real….life will throw you curve balls, give you real struggles to navigate, possibly challenge you as you have never been challenged before. Therein lies the magic and beauty of it all. The opportunity to evolve, the opportunity to learn, to grow and through it all, find your way back to this very place we are preordained to be.

I have recently returned from chaotic emergency travels as I flew to South Africa to be with my ailing Mom. I had flown to Toronto, for the first time since COVID only to turn around after a few days and head on the journey to South Africa via London.

Driving on the 401 at 5.15am to catch my flight back to Barbados, I started feeling my rental car vibrate and clunk and sure enough I had a flat tyre. My stress levels started to peak as I knew I would potentially miss this flight and not get on the flight back to SA. I had no working phone to make an emergency phonecall and after 20 minutes of no help I realized I really do know what to do here (not sure what took me so long). Pray, call on the Divine and surrender this situation. God would get me there if that was part of His plan for me. Within 2 minutes of my imploring prayer a car pulled up and out jumped the kindest gentleman and changed my tyre. He had a cross on the back of his car and sincerely wished me luck to get to the airport. “God Bless you” he said, “God sent you” I said.

As I arrived at the airport my stress levels still had not quite subsided as my one-hour delay really meant I might not make if. I returned my rental car and rushed to check in, only to be told the flight was closed. This had me in more tears as I begged and pleaded with the agent to get me on the flight. She finally relented not as kindly as my gallant tyre changing gentleman “good luck, the security line up is crazy and they’re not going to hold the flight up for you”. At this point, once again I had to use all the life lessons I have learnt up until now to surrender to choose peace and calm, The Serenity Prayer comes to mind.

“God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

I made the flight, I spent wonderful quality time with family in SA, as my sister had made it over from London and my brother from Cape Town. My Mom had time with her three children for the first time in years. We spent the week helping my Dad with my Mom’s care, meaningful moments to be treasured.

And this is what I have learnt and is indelibly stamped in my psyche and I hope it is helpful to some of you.

Surrender to the Divine
Do not resist the winds of Change
Expect Miracles, savour the excitement of this Life
Know it really is all out of our control
Let go, let God.

“Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are. Joy is what happens when we see that God’s plan is perfect and we’re staring in a perfect show”

Marianne Williamson.

Have a joyful beautiful Summer!

Michelle xo