Ballet Barre class is a fitness class like no other, integrating intense pulses with graceful movements, sculpting long lean muscles with an uplifting feeling of poetry in motion. Postural alignment remains key throughout the class so core muscles are activated.  If you are looking to tone your legs and glutes in the quickest way possible, this class is for you.  A lot of plieing, pulsing, squatting and core engagement, with absolutely no ballet experience required.


Engage your core and feel the power generated from your centre through Pilates style movements as well as some athletic abdominal, back and glute activation. This class combines core work with the exhilaration and rejuvenation of a good stretch! A beautiful lengthening of muscles while lubricating your tired joints.  Prevent injuries while toning and maintaining your muscle integrity with the side benefit of healthy organs and circulatory systems. This class blends conventional stretches, dancers stretches and a little yoga flow to keep things fluid and fun.


Yoga needs no introduction as this ancient practice has become so widely recognized for many. Enjoy the benefits of stress relief, strength, balance and flexibility.  Yoga improves overall health and wellbeing, balancing ourselves spiritually and physically.  At Singita we offer beautiful Vinyasa flow classes with experienced and knowledgeable instructors, trained to work with every level.


Resistance training is of significant importance in a well rounded fitness programme.  As we age we lose substantial muscle and do remember it is the muscles in our body that burns the calories.  This class is designed to keep our muscular skeletal frame strong.  We use dumbbells to add resistance to upper body movements, leg work as well as core conditioning.  Enjoy the lovely results of a fit toned body and the benefits of increased strength to improve your daily quality of life.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
This is the ultimate class for fat burning and increasing your metabolic rate. To elevate your heart rate to an anaerobic level followed by recovery is the most efficient way to increase your weight loss. Lose fat and not muscle with this effective workout.  One minute power drills are alternated with one minute core exercises.  This class can be intense but really easily modifiable to a low impact sustainable option.  All levels welcome!


Mediation with Michelle is a Theta Healing experience whilst in deep, relaxed meditation. A sweet surrender to divine consciousness allowing real positive changes to take place in your body. Enjoy the benefits of reducing stress, pain and anxiety as well as enhancing your immune system and elevating your mood and brain function.


Our core is our powerhouse, from which all movement originates.  With progressive controlled movements we strengthen our abdominals, back, hips and glutes allowing for a wonderful transformation in the shape of your physique as well as the added benefits of improved posture, decreasing back pain and injuries.  This class is primarily on the mat with no equipment.


This Friday class will get you in the weekend mood – formulated to burn the most calories while having the most fun!!!

We “dance like nobody’s watching” to a variety of music, soca, rock, hip hop disco, depending on the instructor.  We alternate a cardio dance song with a sculpting song, using light weights for full body toning.