New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings – June 23

I seem to have been surrounded by a lot of heavy hearts lately, many losses of beautiful souls, young and old, transitioning and leaving behind bereft loved ones. Friends, children’s friends, friends’ children, so many gone way too soon. Closer to home, in one year both my parents and my most favourite dog I ever had the pleasure of sharing a decade of big doggie, sloppy kisses and unconditional love left us. This has left a heaviness in my heart which passes through in waves. Grieving a spouse I am sure is one of the most painful and for some the loss of a child, seems so unbearable, the awful sense of emptiness as life is forever changed. Somehow though, finding a new way of being, a different way of navigating life and a healing process which sometimes must feel will never pass, eventually the gut wrenching, heart heaviness and soul shattering sadness will subside and the beauty of life returns. For life moves in cycles, like the ebbs and flows of the ocean, the falling autumn leaves and eventually the miracles of blooming buds, full of the Spring of new life. This life is a beautiful journey with joyful miraculous moments, new places on the planet to explore, new adventures, and new sunrises. Heartwarming gatherings with family and friends and so much to be thankful for and so much to treasure and delight in.

It is not only the transitioning of loved ones, but ending of relationships, romantic or friendship, for whatever reason often times it is time to walk away from toxic, manipulative people. As I have found, through my own healing and evolution, boundaries become clearer and we are able to honour ourselves and our own sanctity better. We are able to build meaningful connectivity, healthier relationships with others, which ultimately comes with a stronger connectivity to self.

So I hope this does not sound like a mournful country & western song, however I do feel the need to somehow come to terms with this sadness and unfairness in life. I want to come to terms with some of this sad, tragic moments so many of my friends have suffered and the injustice and unfairness of lives taken away too soon. It all seems overwhelming at times, and you wonder “why God” it often seems the good die young. Not to exclude the grief of the end of a relationship, friend or romantic as the healthier version of ourselves choose our own peace, values and integrity above all else. The kind and tender hearted seem to get hurt and the egotistical bullies with zero sense of compassion or empathy seem to career through life with an air of haughty nonchalance, an untouchable veneer. This I do know is the way it is perceived to the world, but sadly they are quite possibly the most tortured souls, as we know that “hurt people hurt people’.

Karma although we do need to realize can be penance from past lives and the Universe does calibrate to reorganize things and allow the wrongs to become right. I know without a doubt there is a GOD who is greater than this all and everything does work out for our highest and best. Often in this life, though our faith, hope and courage and for me personally, my patience is tested. I was not born with patience as one of my virtues and this is being tested and forcing me to learn this amazing sense of equanimity, the state of remaining stable and composed throughout the ups and downs of life. Accepting and knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, in this moment.

Through Theta healing, I have had the honour of helping a few struggling souls return to peace towards the end of life. This gives me great hope for finding our way to grace, during every phase of life. Through soul fragment clearings and chord severing processes with the people in life we have trauma bonds with,  we can be helped to an easier path of peace and comfort with energetic and spiritual healing.

So connecting to self, to feel through our own hearts, the heaviness to sit for a while, as it is acknowledged and thanked and with a deep knowing that this very moment has just built a depth and strength within us. With gratitude we allow the healing to take place by taking the time to feel the feelings, to sit with the sadness, with the grief, with the questioning of why and surrender to it all, knowing that this is a process, that “this too shall pass”. The more we push back or bury these emotions and feelings the more they will find their way into our physical cells and eventually lead to sickness or disease. These traumas and triggers can continue going around in circles, keeping us stuck.

People often use meditation, yoga, walking in nature to connect to self – each of us needs to find our own path. In my Cardio Dance class yesterday, it was so lovely to hear one of my wonderful members say that the dancing had helped her ‘connect to herself’. Movement and dance is a great way to return to joy.

A healing journey and connecting to self is a courageous thing, as we do not often like what we see, and we realize we are all dark and light and our shadow side needs to be acknowledged.

This connectivity to self, and interconnecting with others means that our ability to shine our light, allows others to shine and the world becomes a better place.

As Marianne Williamson so beautifully says;

“Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth, To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us”.

Through, forgiveness, prayer or tender thoughts, connecting to our own hearts, to the hearts of others and miracles abound.

Bless you all,

Michelle x

May you be at peace
May you be well
May you be safe
May you be blessed
May you be loved

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