Theta Healing with Michelle – October 23

There comes a time when some of us are ready to evolve, step out of our comfort zone and take the leap to stand in our our light and heal past traumas, big or small. The effects of one’s upbringing and/or generational patterns passed down in our DNA moulds our patterns of behaviours so that our brain becomes programmed to keep the same (even if detrimental) beliefs and programs. This familiarity is comforting as we live our lives based on automatic programs, but for some of us there comes a time when we are ready and as the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Our life journey is one of many facets, and emotional or spiritual healing may not be for all, however with the evolution of our planet and our humanity, we are definitely seeing more of a divide. The light workers and cosmic connectors, the spiritual connectors to the Divine, the peace seekers, the creators and those who are seeking a higher purpose. On the other end of the spectrum we are seeing more atrocities globally and the other more ugly side of humanity seems to be multiplying. The outbreak of wars, the greedy, the power hungry and the insidious controlling and abusive behaviours of governments, organizations or individuals who are destroying lives, makes for a sad, disconcerting and disconnected world.

Some of us come to realize the truth that everything lies within. The power to evolve through this all. Ego says “I will find peace once everything falls into place” Spirit says “find your peace and everything falls into place”. There comes a time of reckoning or readiness to slough off old toxic behaviours, habitual behaviours which no longer serve us. Each of us chooses our way to do this either through, meditation, prayers, calming of mind and tapping into Your Higher Self and the grace of God.

Some of us might turn to conventional cognitive therapy to find our way through the chaos. Others turn to Energy or Spiritual healing, and this has been my chosen path.

There are a variety of energy healing techniques, Reiki, reflexology, Qigong, sound healing, shamanic healing, crystal healing and the one that really resonated for me and helped me through so much is Theta Healing. As a recipient of such healing, I noticed changes in weeks where cognitive therapy had taken years. As a result of this I decided to study further and completed my Level One and Two DNA Theta Healing training, and many other courses and lectures to further educate myself in this area of healing. The excitement of the results I saw for myself really motivated me to help as many other people in this way.

A private Theta Healing session does start with some “digging” questions to determine each individuals Deep Core Beliefs which are holding them back or no longer serving them. It’s a psychological analysis to some degree, however if we realize that our current beliefs have created our world as we know it, it can be a beautiful transformation or metamorphosis to give permission for the healer to negate these beliefs and instill new programs beliefs or feelings and consequently behaviours.

As Theta healers we are trained to connect to Creator, God, Divine or the Universe. There is no need for any particular religion or spiritual belief, the only prerequisite is the belief that something outside of ourselves created ourselves. For me this is God, I was raised Christian and although I have sought various ways to connect more closely to the Divine, this for me means God. We use the term Creator to encompass all belief systems.

Once we have uncovered the core beliefs we would acknowledge need changing, we become relaxed, connect to Creator and action these powerful healings for our higher self, physical self, every cell of the recipient’s physical body and mind.

We heal on every level, this lifetime, on the history level (generational DNA) past lifetimes, between lifetimes and every language to ensure this healing is instilled in every possible way.

I ask to witness that the healing took place, and I usually get a visual affirmation, sometimes words, but more often images which affirm the healing.

We muscle test these Core Beliefs before and after each session so the client can affirm the healing actually took place.

The client usually leaves with a deep sense of peace and relaxation and often the changes can seem subtle but the impact on one’s life not only for ourselves but those around us, is a beautiful witnessing of in a way, one of the biggest blessings to receive.

I am grateful and honoured to be a conduit for Creators energy and the catalyst to help heal. Every energetic exchange that instills, peace, healing and loving kindness, however small it might seem, helps heal future and past generations. One little step at a time, lets all be advocates for peace and love.

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Bless you all!
With love
Michelle x