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Awakening in paradise – June 2021

I wake up most mornings with the tweet of the first bird calling night into day, always darkness and knowing the light will come.  I have practiced the habit of early morning rituals of meditation & prayer for many years now, not without a cup of coffee to jolt me into awakening. I wake up … Continue reading “Awakening in paradise – June 2021”

This is what we stand for! – April 2021

Spring has arrived bringing renewed energy, revitalized souls and an optimism for the future. The age of Aquarius has come upon us, not without a little raucous and shaking up to hail in the new. As with any change, upheaval and breaking open is inevitable as the old energies are displaced, bringing a new world … Continue reading “This is what we stand for! – April 2021”

Open your mind to the benefits of meditation – March 2021

I happily find myself writing a blog for Singita Wellness on the benefits of meditation as my weekly guided meditations receive a regular place on the Online Club schedule. I didn’t have teaching or guiding in mind when I committed to a daily meditation practice, I had my health in mind. I needed to maintain … Continue reading “Open your mind to the benefits of meditation – March 2021”

Variety is the key to results – September 2020

Having been in the Health & Wellness business for over 30 years I have seen so many trends come and go. I have been certified in so many different class types and styles as well as Personal Training. Having learnt from the best, Canadian Body building champions, and amazing fitness instructors and presenters I have … Continue reading “Variety is the key to results – September 2020”

Deep diving and facing my fears – July 2020

So here I am, about to launch Singita Online Club, and I truly have had to face my own fears and move beyond them. Nothing like having to watch yourself on video, your inner critic doing it’s best job, to make you feel awash with self-doubting emotion. But here goes – I am just going … Continue reading “Deep diving and facing my fears – July 2020”

Spring brings hope for change – June 2020

The innocence and beauty of youth with my precious Grandaughter Orla. May flowers in Barbados are in all their glory. Wherever you look the bougainvillea is a spectacular array of vibrant colours and the cassia trees and flamboyants are so vivid against the backdrop of arid grass during this dry season. Spring has Sprung in … Continue reading “Spring brings hope for change – June 2020”

When are leaves more than just leaves? – May 2020

During a recent family gathering over Zoom (during Coronovirus lockdown), we were discussing how the slowed down pace has meant we can all get a little more adventurous with our cooking (stocks permitting). My sister then recounted a story from a couple of days prior, when I had called her up, giddy with excitement about … Continue reading “When are leaves more than just leaves? – May 2020”

Singita spirit lives on – going virtual to keep you healthy – April 2020

In line with our recent government announcement, Singita is now temporarily closed to the public. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued patronage & support over this last year. We have been honoured to have worked with the most amazing team at Singita, and met so many wonderful people from around the globe.  … Continue reading “Singita spirit lives on – going virtual to keep you healthy – April 2020”

💖Beginning of my Blog💖 – February 2020

This Singita Wellness journey manifested in physical form just 15 short months ago & is now a beautiful haven of activity here on the West coast of Barbados. My vision was to create a wellness community where anyone walking in our doors could find their needs met in health & wellness, physically & spiritually. Now … Continue reading “💖Beginning of my Blog💖 – February 2020”