Michelle’s Vision

Founder of Singita Wellness – Michelle Jamieson

“ My hopes and intentions are that Singita Wellness will provide the space to help others to live the best life they possibly can, a life filled with harmony and balance, physically, mentally and spiritually. My belief is that the best way to do this is to make time for meditation and self-awareness, to find forgiveness for others and ourselves. To practice daily gratitude and connection to Source.

To live this balanced life takes conscious alignment physically, mentally and spiritually, a holistic approach to life. To commit to inner and outer strength, through an active body and a quieting of the mind to delve deep inside our true (higher) selves.

Having had 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry in Canada, as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and health club owner, I believe in a consistent commitment to working out or active living which suits individual’s needs. In the past 10 years I have followed a personal spiritual journey, learning from other spiritual coaches as well as certifying as a Theta energy healer. Not only have I felt a huge shift in my own inner peace, but I believe this self healing has a ripple effect on others. We all share a common consciousness and each of us has an impact on the greater good.

With this knowledge of mind body and soul, my vision and passionate dream to create an all encompassing wellness centre is now coming to light. I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity and I look forward to creating a thriving wellness community on this beautiful island of Barbados.”

With love
Michelle xo