Michelle’s Vision

Founder of Singita Wellness – Michelle Jamieson

“I had a dream to create an all encompassing wellness centre in Barbados, and with immense gratitude was given this opportunity by Royal Westmoreland 4 years ago as their spa space had opened up.

The vision was to have a beautiful studio with variety of fitness and yoga classes, a gym, spa treatments, healing treatments as well as meditation. A spiritually enlightened community of like-minded people who could gather together and share a vibrational connection of non judgement and encouragement, healthy lifestyle choices and harmonious connection. This beautiful island which offers us the perfect paradisiacal setting to enhance every aspect of peace and serenity along with an active lifestyle in sun basked beauty with bountiful nature and breathtaking vistas with swaying palm trees, turquoise ocean and white sandy stunning beaches. “

Located on the West Coast of Barbados, across from Mullins Beach, Singita Wellness has now become a bustling wellness centre with a lifestyle café serving light, healthy breakfasts and lunches along with Signature Singita smoothies.

Michelle was born in South Africa and has always remained close to her roots as is reflected in the African influenced décor in Singita. Her work experience started in South Africa in the fast paced film production industry. This experience stood Michelle well when through Covid the business had to be reinvented and all the classes were transitioned to Zoom. Singita Wellness, a new business faced potential shut down but instead with adaptability and steely determination to make this new start up work, she set up the Online business. Singita Online Club remains a vibrant community and operates through the website with tons of On Demand classes offering a variety of modalities and lengths as well as live classes every week.

After moving to Canada in the late 80’s, Michelle embarked on her journey of education and knowledge in the health and fitness industry. With young children it was the ideal part time career – Fitness instructor and subsequently certified as a Personal Trainer and moving on to ownership in a health club in Oakville, Ontario, Canada until the move to Barbados in 2012.

Inner wellbeing has also always been an integral part of Michelle’s wellness philosophy and as a certified Theta Healer, she has infused this healing modality into her unique style of Meditation classes, and also offers private healing sessions.

Michelle still teaches the bulk of classes at Singita Wellness including Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Bodysculpt, Core Conditioning and this is most definitely her philosophy to mix things up and ensure each component of fitness is catered to in classes. Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. At Singita Wellness our classes are designed to get results and all levels are welcome as everything is modifiable.

“Keep Moving, Keep Smiling and do it all with love! Michelle xo”