Sorry – but there is no short cut! – October 23

Sorry to break this news to you all!!!
Despite what marketing promises you may have seen – there is no quick fix out there! We need to invest our time and make the effort to commit to health and wellness. The new miraculous great inventions to shed excess fat either through fasting, fad diets, lasering fat to sculpt your body do not yield sustainable results. Movement is your medicine, keep your body guessing by choosing a variety of classes or sports.

We at Singita Wellness offer it all, HIIT, to get that blood pumping throughout your body. Bodysculpt, yes, we need to pick up those weights to create leaner muscle and shape your body naturally as well as boost your metabolism. Bone health has now been highlighted and well tested and one of the best ways to reverse this degeneration, along with healthy nutritious eating is resistance training, so pick up those weights people.

Pilates is now widely recognized and with growing popularity as vitally important for your core and spine health. Pilates at Singita Wellness has become so popular as our guests see the benefits. Sports enthusiasts are loving the results as their golf swing improves along with their back pain disappearing. Classes are offered on the mat as well as private reformer. Ballet Barre classes have me literally seeing clients’ hips and stomach shrink within weeks with consistent class attendance. We all know why ballet dancers have the legs they do, as we pulse and plie and enjoy a very elegant way to work out. Yoga, an ancient Hindu discipline has most certainly made its mark on our modern-day world. I personally love the benefits of a good stretch and without a doubt, Yoga offers a meditative, calming way to become centred and focus inwards.

As the sun-kissed beaches of Barbados inspire us daily, our fitness studio is a haven for individuals who are passionate about their health and fitness. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor looking to enhance your stay, our inspiring trainers are dedicated to guiding you through your transformative wellness journey.

Are you ready to embrace a holistic approach to fitness that not only shapes your body but also empowers your mind? Join us at our Barbados studio or online and experience the invigorating benefits. Let’s work together to elevate your fitness level and enjoy the beautiful island life to the fullest!
At Singita Wellness we offer drop-in rates or Membership options to suit your needs. Join us!