I am now unapologetically ME, the imperfectly perfect creation from Source and with this deep sense of peace having finally reached this phase in my life where I am completely at ease with who I am. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I now see this as a good thing. We are here to evolve, to create, and I joyfully live my life helping as many others as I can to discover the path of well being, knowing that with this I attract those people who resonate with my energetic flow.

It has taken me many years to realize there is no reason to doubt myself, to question my knowledge or God given gifts. I no longer have any discomfort in putting myself “out there”, alluding to my social media which has been a wonderful marketing tool for me, I no longer fear the talk or people’s public opinion, or gossip mongers. I have always loved the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people”. I have absolutely no need for comparison, being in a rather competitive industry on a very small island, there is no reason to be concerned about competition. In fact, competition is a wonderful enhancer of innovation and an elevation of everyone else around you.

My vision and creation of Singita Wellness was born entirely from my heart and soul. My knowledge and experience, hard earned over 35 years in the fitness and wellness industry in Canada, South Africa and Barbados, has now thankfully been brought to fruition with the continued success of Singita Wellness, the beginnings of which took root 6 years ago when offered the opportunity by Royal Westmoreland to take over the lease. Along with our loving community in Barbados our ever-growing Online Club, (one of Covid’s silver linings) has been a pure joy and blessing, as my zoomies log on from all around the world and workout with me everyday!!! My intention was always to help as many people as possible on their wellness journey and I can now reach out not only to Barbados but globally.

We seldom get to this place of wisdom without the years of living and a few hard knocks to take a good look at the truth and the facts. I have been a people pleaser most of my life, I have been a little over generous, a little too trusting of others whose intentions might not have been the purest. I believed and trusted before the trustworthiness was proven. I was once told by a talented trusted intuitive, “you don’t have a bad bone in your body, but you should take off those rose-coloured glasses”. This has been a bit of a blessing and a curse for me. My mission is to empower others, build others up, help others to heal. I applaud success and growth of my team especially as I recognized their potential and helped expand their roles.

The hard truth, and my tough lesson, is that not everyone is here to support me, as I choose to support them. I have now learnt to be a lot more discerning, to not give up my intellectual property as freely. To wait and see before I jump into joint ventures and collaborations. Hence me teaching 90% of our classes (exhausting but rewarding) and being extremely careful of who I allow into my sacred space, my inner fold so to speak. I am a bit of a Mother Hen and treat my team like family, probably a little naïve in a harsh business world where people are striving to get ahead.

That being said, I am happy the way I do things, I am and always will be a nurturer and with this pure intention I walk with deep calm and comfort into our harmonious space. I walk cross the waterfall pool terrace and into our koi pond heart centred building with an extra spring in my step and smile on my face. It feels like home, not only to myself, but to so many of our team, members and guests.

I will preserve my energy and hold my space, always filled with Divine light and guidance as a true connection to self and God, and empowering and inspiring others will come with a very conscious discernment of giving up my energy for all the right reasons for all the right people in my life.

Our personality our character, our energy, our charisma – that certain “je ne said quoi” is distinctly and perfectly imperfectly created just for YOU!

Believe in yourself! Take care of yourself and share your energy with discernment, not everyone deserves a place at your table!

Grateful, thankful, blessed for my true authentic friends, colleagues, Singita family and my real family who have supported me and loved me through so much of my personal and business life over the years. Through the challenges I have risen stronger, more courageous and committed to my true purpose. I LOVE YOU all!!

Life lesson number 359783000 Ha ha!