“We have just spent a wonderful week in Barbados. The icing on the cake was our one week membership of Singita.

We joined in many of the classes including yoga, pilates and ballet barre. The instructors are really excellent and very experienced, making the lessons rewarding to any level of ability as well as being great fun and a good way of relaxing.

All the staff are really friendly and helpful, we spent many relaxing hours after the classes by the poolside enjoying the great coffee and fruit smoothies with the occasional dip in the pool to stay cool.

Thanks to Michelle and her team for making this such a great week! Hope to be back again soon.”

Chris and Fiona

“Two years ago I participated in the first spiritual/wellness retreat at what is now Singita Wellness. It was an incredible 4 days of spiritual, emotional and physical growth and development. Each participant came away with something….and it was, in fact, life changing for some.

Michelle has created a dream team. Michelle, the host and founder of Singita is a true beauty, both inside and out. She strives to help each participant have the most positive experience possible. Patti, a gifted spiritual healer, with years of experience, can help guide you to true healing and peace. Outstanding yoga, massage and nutritional experts complete the team.

And all of this….in beautiful Barbados, in the true sanctuary that Michelle has created.

P.S. And we had fun!”

Joy Slattery