Plant Powered Transformation from 20th September





Starts 20 September 2021 


* 5 days a week food delivery to Singita for 3 weeks (extra for home delivery)

* One month full Singita Wellness Membership, includes unlimited classes and gym

* Once a week joint coaching (Mondays at 1pm)with Michelle & Stefania
followed by Meditation & Theta downloads

* One private Personal Training with Michelle

* One private Nutritional Coaching with Stefania


Experience the ultimate marriage of fitness; yoga, resistance training, cardio classes as well as quality nutrition and coaching guidance. Meditation & Theta downloads specific to this programme will be included to enhance your life changing journey.

This is your wonderful opportunity to make a significant difference in your life, physically, mentally and spiritually. It takes 21 days to break a habit and we are both here to coach you through this transformation with nurturing wisdom and combined knowledge.

Stefania is a plant powered force of nature, Italian by birth where fabulous food is king, Stefania’s philosophy which was born primarily out of her desire to protect her family, is that a plant based, nutrient rich diet can not only be delicious, but eating well is the key to healing.

Stefania’s credentials include being certified as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach by the Institute of Interrogative Nutrition (NYC) and by raw food celebrity chef Mathew Kenney, & has studied at Ann Wigmore’s Natural Health Institute at Cornell University. A student of functional medicine, naturopathic nutrition and natural hygiene, her overall conclusion is that we should trust the body’s natural intelligence and its ability to self heal.

MIchelle’s philosophy on physical fitness is so well aligned, with the intuitive trust of our own unique body, to tap into our intelligence to find the way forward to a healthy lifestyle where there is never a need for “fad diets” or emotional ups and downs or obsession with scales and calorie counting.