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We are so pleased to be able to offer classes at our beautiful studio on Barbados, as well as live streamed Zoom classes via our Online Club program.
Studio Classes at Singita Wellness

Monday 10.30am Yoga with Tiffany
Tuesday 9.30am Bodysculpt with Michelle
Wednesday 10.30am Ballet Barre with Michelle
Thursday 10.30am Core & Stretch with Michelle
Friday 9.30am Full Body HIIT with Michelle
Saturday 9.30 Ballet Barre With Michelle 10.30am Yoga with Jo

Zoom classes with Michelle (AST, check local time please)

Monday 9.30am Ballet Barre
Tuesday 8.30am Full Body HIIT
Wednesday 9.30 Ballet Barre
Thursday 9.30am Bodysculpt
Friday 10.30am Core & Stretch

Hope you can join me.
Michelle x