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Yoga with Tiffany

Vinyasa, hatha and yin inspired yoga with Tiffany develops strength, alignment, balance and endurance while building a solid foundation for a flowing practice. The practice is mindful, breath centred and open to all levels.

Sound Healing with Gay

Sound Healing with Gong and Tibetan Bowls. Each week will have a different theme including Healing, Manifesting, Chakra Aligning and Sound Journeys.

Bodysculpt & Core with Michelle

Light weights are used in this class to work upper and lower body. Enjoy the many benefits of resistance training by participating in this class. Build stronger bones, define your body and increase your metabolism. Core training is included in this class as well.

Bowspring with Kaya

The primary function of the Bowspring method is postural alignment for optimal functionality and graceful movement for any lifestyle or body. No matter what your age and skill you will benefit from this class.

Circuits with Michelle

Move from one station/exercise to the next for a calorie burning fun full body workout. Boost your metabolism and focus on all areas of fitness with functional movements.

Meditation with Petra

By seeking your inner peace first, we become miracle workers in the world. Destress and build self awareness with these regular meditation classes. Experience greater harmony and joy.

Athletic Core Conditioning and Stretch with Michelle

Improve your golf or tennis game as you strengthen your powerhouse, your core. This class includes a lot of stretching to prevent injuries and increase flexibility improving your overall well being and lifestyle.

Dance Fusion with Tanisha

Blending many dance styles, including dancehalls, Afrobeats, soca and hip hop, Tanisha will lead you through a fun filled energetic class to leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

Yoga Alchemy with Natasha

Yoga Alchemy is based on the holistic connection that brings all parts of ourselves into union. Using Yoga asana (poses), pranayama(breath) and dhana (meditation) we remind ourselves into a more natural state of balance. Journey with Natasha each week into a sublime state of tuning in.

Full Body Workout with Michelle

A blend of cardio, resistance training and core conditioning for a full body fun fitness mix.

Bums n Tums with Michelle

Strengthen and tone your glutes, legs and abs in this class. Using a variety of exercises to target those trouble areas.

Pilates with Liz

There are many reasons to include Pilates as a regular practice, strengthening and toning your entire body, increasing your mind/body connection and flexibility while focusing on your core.